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Agnieszka and Caroline used film swapping to collaborate on a photography project together. Despite being pen pals who have never met in person, they were able to create emotionally moving images on film. In this article, they share their accounts of creating together and the challenges they faced. 

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Brandi and Deziree are photographic artists and best friends from Southern California, USA. They have almost 14 years of experience in shooting film, and they are currently working together on a project titled 'Women in Love'. In this article, they talk about finding cathartic release through photography and their project 'Women in Love'.


Helena Aguilar Mayans is a photographer from Catalonia, Spain, whose work can be considered a portal to times that have long been gone. Helena’s unique niche includes subjects such as seclusion, exploring women’s lives in the 19th and 20th centuries, and turning different media of art into photographs. In this article, Helena talks about the feminist point of her work, behind the scenes, and shares some of her projects. 


Sheilas by Em Jensen captures the female biker scene in Victoria, Australia. It is filled with colourful images that tell the story of an under-represented community within the biker culture.

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