Sheilas by Em Jensen captures the female biker scene in Victoria, Australia. It is filled with colourful images that tell the story of an under-represented community within the biker culture.


Brandi and Deziree are photographic artists and best friends from Southern California, USA. They have almost 14 years of experience in shooting film, and they are currently working together on a project titled 'Women in Love'. They started their journey with film photography back in college when they decided to capture photos for their classes using analogue mediums.

Our Manifesto

The Analog Women is a community built with the intention to better-represent women and keep film alive.


We acknowledge that the societies around us have been androcentric for many years. Women’s voices are valued nor heard.


Our main goal is to provide a safe space for women to exhibit their art & thoughts. 


We aspire to provide a platform where life and art, through a woman’s viewpoint, are recorded and respected.